Active Businesses final conference – Final results showcased for keeping employees active in the workplace

lis 23, 2020News

The final conference for the Active Businesses project took place online on 20th November on the Zoom meeting platform.

The conference was moderated by Živa Majcen Rošker. The guest lecturer for the conference was Vladka Komel, Secretary / EU-OSHA Focal Point Manager for Slovenia, Ministry of Labour, Family, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities of the Republic of Slovenia.

During this event, the results, outcomes and pilot activities were presented. All partner organisations presented lectures on the specific outcomes of the project in line with their expertise and role in the project. Particular challenges encountered from implementing the project during the COVID-19 pandemic were also discussed together with sustainability actions focusing on physical activity and the work from home environment.

The conference attracted more than 60 participants from across the partner countries of Slovenia, UK, Poland, Italy and Turkey. Participants included Project Managers, trainers, academics, researchers, entrepreneurs, human resource managers, health experts and policy makers who came together to discuss the achievements of the project and future policy actions and interventions to promote the benefits of physical activity and health promotion in the workplace.

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