“ACTIVE BUSINESSES” third partner meeting in Italy. Promoting physical activity in the business and industry sector

Jan 28, 2019News

In the period 24-25 January 2019 the representatives of each organization coming from Slovenia, Poland, England, Turkey and Italy were hosted by CESIE, in Palermo.

It was immediately highlighted the importance of the meeting since afterwards a new phase of the project would begin: Practical activities.

For this reason it was essential to review and analyze the situation. Many topics were discussed and deepened in order to get ready for the next steps.

The meeting started with the presentation of the final version of the agregated research report aimed to identify the current situation, main needs and gaps in the field of psychical activity at the workplace and basically the point of departure for the evaluation of the needs. Then the preparation continued with revision of the implementation plan of activities in businesses and the revision of the guidebook for promotion programs based on physical activity. Additionally the sets of exercises to implement were carefully analysed as well as the details for the implementation of programmes of physical activity in individual businesses.

Communication has been considered an important issue and eveyone agreed to improve the quality.

There seems to be the good the requirements for continuing to deliver the best.