The Project

The project aims to create a comprehensive based approach to tackle the issue of health and physical activity (HEPA), using the worksite as the most promising venue of delivery. ACTIVE BUSINESSES will become a comprehensive program of activities to be easily applied within different working environments in order to improve the health and physical conditions of workers, employees, entrepreneurs and managers.



To identify the current situation in relation to the health promoting programs based on physical activities and healthy lifestyle in businesses in different EU countries

To identify needs and possibilities of businesses to implement health promoting programs based on physical activity and healthy lifestyle into corporate management

To identify the differences (habits, styles and needs) of different working environments and solutions for solving the problems in the partners’ countries

To identify country-specific experiences on the development of practical tools, instruments and approaches

To acquire new findings and knowledge based on the implementation of program in practice

To create a flexible model of health promotion programs based on physical activity and healthy lifestyles, suitable for different needs of businesses in different EU countries


To acquire new knowledge and solutions to successfully solve given issues in different environment


To examine the possibilities of transfer of solutions from one environment to another


Production of a survey-based report on activities related to promoting HEPA


Implementing physical activity and health promotion

measures within specific settings e.g., businesses and for specific target groups like overweight individuals, employees with lower education, economically weaker.

Increased proportion of employees

who are physically active and eating healthy.

Minimization of differences

between groups of users, namely socially underprivileged employees.

Developing and implementing measures

for individual physical activity and health promotion programmes for specific people who are prone to acertain diseases and health risks e.g., back pain, osteoporosis, stress, etc.

Increased social responsibility

and responsibility of an individual toward the health, healthy lifestyle and physical activity on long term.

Sustainable implementation of health promotion

and physical activities programs in companies included in project.